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Advanced: How to mass update email notifications with Data Loader

Last Updated: Apr 01, 2016 02:57PM EEST
Be warned! This article is for Experienced Administrators as the Data Loader is powerful in what it can do!

The idea behind this article is to show you how to mass update the email notifications settings. This is especially useful when you have a large number of users that require the update.
  • First step is to download and install the Data Loader.

  1. Go to the Setup page
  2. Search for data
  3. Click Data Loader
  4. Download and install the correct version of Data Loader
Once you have Downloaded and installed the Data Loader it is time to actually get to work.
  • Open the Data Loader and Click on Export

  • Login to your Environment


  • Verify your account and Allow the Data Loader to access the data


  • Select the relevant Object to update, in this case User

  1. Select User
  2. Choose where you want to export the data to
  3. Click Next
  • Select the needed Fields to query

  1. You can select them manually: Id, LastName, FirstName, and UserPreferencesDisableAllFeedsEmail
  2. ​If you want you can Copy fields' name and Paste them in the large text field:

    Text to Copy:
    Select Id, LastName, FirstName, UserPreferencesDisableAllFeedsEmail FROM User

  3. Click Finish
  • Once you have exported the data open it in Excel and change the UserPreferencesDisableAllFeedsEmail value to TRUE when you want to disable the email notifications. Save it again as a CSV file and then let's update the user details in the environment

  • In Data Loader Click Update

  • Select the object to update, in this case User and Choose the CSV file you have just saved and Click Next

  • Now you need to map the Fields to match them in the environment


  1. Click on Create or Edit a Map
  2. Click on Auto-Match Fields to Column
  3. If all fields are correctly matched then click OK
  • Time to run the update

  1. Click Next
  2. Click Finish
  • Final Confirmation before running the Update. Click Yes.

You should be done! 

You can go and check the actual setting under one of the users if the change has succeeded.

If everything is as expected then Good Job!

PS. The Data Loader can do much more... DS.

Hope this was useful!

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