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How to create and edit decision page layouts

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2016 02:09PM EEST
With Fingertip 3.0 you are able to customize your decision page layouts.
This will allow you a totally new level of customization for your decisions and also will help your organization take Fingertip into use as the decisions will be relevant for them.

In order to be able to take advantage of the different layouts you need to enable the setting first. Check how to do this in this article: 
How take Standard Page layouts into use in Decisions

This article will show you how to create decision layouts. If you want to create new fields check this article: How to create new fields in Decisions
This article is done from Salesforce Classic layout, but can also be done in Lightning Experience.
  • Go to the Decision object to be able to create a New Page Layout

  1. Click Setup
  2. Search for object
  3. Click Objects
  4. Click Decision
  • Once in the Decision it is time to create a new page layout

  1. Mouseover Page Layouts
  2. Click New to create a new layout
  • You can either start from scratch or clone an existing layout, in this case let's use the later.

It is important NOT to create Layouts that are Feed-Based Layouts as Fingertip does not support these layouts.

Once you have created a Layout it is time to customize it to your needs. You can do many things with the Page Layout:
  • Remove existing sections
  • Create new Sections and set its Properties

  1. Grab the Section and place it where you want it in your Page Layout.

  1. Change the Name of the Section
  2. Select whether it is a 1 or 2 Column section
  3. Click OK to save
  • Set Field specific Properties
The fields Reason for Close and Comments are great fields to have under the System Information Section as you want it visible but not editable. (The System Information section is not visible in Edit mode)

  1. Check Read-Only 
  2. Click OK to save

If you are lacking fields then you need to create them. To do that check this article: How to create new fields in Decisions
  • Once done with your Page Layout click Save.
  • After having save the Layout it is time to Assign it to relevant profiles

  1. Select the profiles you want to assign the new Page Layout
  2. Pick the New Page Layout you want to use
  3. Click Save
Great Job!
You should now have a new Decision Page Layout for your users to use.

Here are other Articles you might find interesting:
- How take Standard Page layouts into use in Decisions 
- How to have different types of Decisions available
- How to create new fields in Decisions

Hope this was useful!


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