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Release Overview Fingertip 4.23 (Summer'17)

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2017 01:03PM EEST

Fingertip Summer’17 release brings new features as Lightning components and improves the overall usability of the Fingertip application through stability and performance. With the release over 50 issues have been fixed.

New Features:

Preview Mode

A New view mode for Decisions and Plans. Allows the user to see both the content inside the record and the list of records at the same time. Gives rapid access to Decision and Plan records. Preview mode can be used to handle many Decisions or Plans without opening new windows or tabs.

Add Relation Lightning component

Allows users to connect Salesforce records to Decisions and Plans to create relations. Users can link similar decisions or plans or for example add a related account or a contact.
Utility Bar
A Lightning component visible on every page at the bottom of the screen. Fingertip’s Utility bar gives users quick access to tutorial videos, option to browse recent items and allows users to browse Notes everywhere.
Topics tabs user interface has been improved. Unneeded space has been removed and buttons have been placed more logically.

The accountable can now support and approve a decision immediately when proposing.
When moving to the Propose phase the user is provided with a check box for automatically
supporting and approving the decision.
Decision Quality
A new tab has been added in decision: a set of sliders that allows the users to assess the decisions quality. The sliders have a star icon which shows the average values given. Users can round up different sliders in groups and get a group average. The sliders are configurable and reportable.
Fingertip Pulse allows the user to see a big picture of the decision. It is visible on the right when you open a Decision record. Pulse consists of three different tabs: Command Center, Social and Timing. Command Center lets the user to give her relevance and mood about the decision. Social shows the averages of these values and allows the user to like or dislike the decision. Timing tab shows the user important dates and deadlines and allows the user to set due dates.


Plan Items Lightning Component
Plan items list is now a Salesforce Lightning component and it is supported on mobile. On the items list users can create and edit sections with customizable colours, resize columns, change item order by drag and dropping and delete items. Any Salesforce record can be added as an item
Other Enhancements
Plans can now be cloned in Lightning. It is also now possible to define processes for specific types of plans.
Bug Fixes:
Fingertip version 4.16 provides fixes to over 50 issues found in the application. The stability of Fingertip is better and performance as improved significantly.

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