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Release Overview Fingertip 4.5 (Winter'18)

Last Updated: Aug 01, 2018 11:44AM EEST
Fingertip 4.5 (Winter18) release is bringing a lot of new features for you to explore. These release notes list the most major new features, you can find more specific descriptions from the attached release PDF.

Say goodbye to sticky notes all over your desk. Coming with Fingertip 4.5 is the ability to create notes to your decisions right from within the decision. Keeping all of your information contextualized and focused in one topic making sure you always have the most complete information when deciding.
In addition, a new notes sub-tab has been added inside decisions so you can view all of your decision related notes in one place.
With Fingertip 4.5 we are introducing Objectives into our decision object. With objects easily keep track of important targets and update them as you go to ensure you are on track.
Objectives come in two types progression and completion. Progression tracks the percentage completed of the objective over time while completion simply tracks whether the objective has been completed or not.
Also coming with objectives is a new tab in your Salesforce where you are able to see a high level graph for all your objectives easily tracking important aspects of your decision making!
Kanban & Schedule View

Viewing your decisions in a simple and executable manner has never been easier!

With the Fingertip Kanban view easily see your decisions in a Kanban format based on the decision phase. Discover which of your decisions need attention, progress and execution in one quick glance.

In Fingertip we are always focusing our development on making people more efficient in their daily work.  With Fingertip Schedule view you are able to view your decisions according to the due date of the decisions.
Quickly view which decisions are overdue, require your attention today, in one week, in one or more months or even those decisions that do not have a deadline specified. With the schedule view easily plan your week, month or daily agenda!

Stance Timings

Fingertip has added a new column to the People subtab in Decisions: Timing.
The timing tab will show the timeliness of the stances and approvals given in the decision based on the decision due date.
The timings are color coded, if you are late it will be displayed in red, if the due date is close it will be shown in yellow and if your stance is on time it will be shown in green. It will also display the time you still have left to give your stance before the due date. These stance timings can also be easily used in your reports and dashboards, so you can report on who has been on time.
Improved Pulse
Gathering all the information about a decision at a quick glance is very valuable to the decision making process. Our improved Pulse section helps you achieve just that.
Inside the new pulse section in your decisions you will be able to gather all the information regarding the stances given, stances pending, and opposed stances all at a quick glance of the pulse section making the whole pulse experience more compact and valuable.
Improved Plan Usability
The Fingertip Plan is a great feature and ensuring clear and easy use is one of our top priorities. With Fingertip 4.5 comes usability and general user friendly changes.
Inside the Plan object a separate action menu is available for each individual object in the Plan. Inside this action menu are easily accessible actions for your Plan Items. These actions include opening decisions in new tab, deleting items from the Plan, opening the item and editing the description.
Another great change we are excited to release is a wonderful drag and drop function for the plans making changes to the Plan’s structure quicker than ever!
Customizable Columns (beta)
Great planning comes from the ability to outline certain dimensions that benefit the Plan itself. The Fingertip Plan is receiving functionality to help you with exactly this!
Inside the Plan object you will now be able to define custom columns with relation to any Salesforce object you define. This means being able to see certain aspects of your Plan items at a quick glance.
Need to see your close dates for all your open opportunities or the account owner for all open accounts? No problem just create your own column!
Hierarchy View (beta)
Coming new in Fingertip 4.5 is the ability to toggle on and off viewing your plans in a hierarchical view. We felt that this was one our most powerful features in the plans and one that we saw a lot of use of.
With this release gone are the days of using advanced plan to view your Plan items in a hierarchy. Just toggle on hierarchy view and quickly see all items in your decisions and plans.
Progress Indicator for Items
Progress indicators show us how a certain item is progressing at its current stage. This aspect is very valuable in account and especially project planning. New with Fingertip 4.5 is the ability to quickly see the progress status of each separate item in your plans. Now on the left side of the plan item at a quick glance see your items which are going well or are in a critical state and plan accordingly.
Progress indicators are separately editable right from inside the plan or decision!
Trend for Items
In addition to viewing the progress of each of the individual plan items Fingertip is introducing into our product a Trend value as well.
The trends work in a similar way as the Progress indicator but with a very impactful differentiation. The Trends show us the general feeling about how the item is progressing overall. Whether it is moving in a good direction, stable, or the item is failing and needs a lot of work.
If the progress indicator is our present indicator, then trends tell us the future trend of the project.
Ever worry that all the relevant information for running your projects isn’t included or visible? Or that maybe there are some scope or financial challenges not outlined.
Coming new to Fingertip 4.5 is Fingertip Indicators. Indicators gives you the ability to quickly specify the typically challenges or define certain parameters of your project right from the start.
The indicators act as a place to gather the different areas of your project and at a quick glance tell the whole story.


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