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Release Overview Fingertip 4.6 (Winter'18)

Last Updated: Aug 01, 2018 02:30PM EEST

Fingertip 4.6 has arrived! Check the attached PDF for new feature highlights.



  1. Updated Plan Card UI
  2. Added Decoration image to Plan
  3. Added Upload icon on hover to Decision and Plan decoration image
  4. Added Gantt Chart to Task tab
  5. Added new component Decision Matrix
  6. Implemented Column List Views for Plans
  7. Changed title as a hyperlink in plan items
  8. Added Copy action to Plan
  9. Added ability to Edit and Delete columns in the Add Column popup
  10. Added Trend and Last Modified Date to Indicator tab
  11. Added Progress Indicator to Task Popup
  12. Added Trend for Decision, Plan and Task Records
  13. Implemented Objectives to Plans
  14. Added Units of Measure to Objectives
  15. Implemented Taxonomy to Plan Record header
  16. Added Action menu for Relations
  17. Added Relation Dependency field to Relations
  18. Implemented reordering of Plan lifecycle phases
  19. Added Export Decision and Plan export to PDF function
  20. Added lock and pencil symbol to plan items list that shows if the field is editable
  21. Added keyboard support to Add relation and Add item popups
  22. Added Financial fields to Plan records
  23. Beautified the Classification component
  24. Added mood, relevance and likes to Approval and Stance popups
  25. Added current Phase to Decision and Plan list view
  26. Updated the Decision Lifecycle Phase Selection UI on mobile
  27. Added Ordering Column to Plan items list
  28. Added Taxonomy to New Plan popup
  29. Added Final Approval to People Profile in the People tab




  1. Improved performance in Preview
  2. Improved Refresh component in Decisions and Plans
  3. Fixed uploading larger pictures with Share a Post
  4. Fixed creating a record in preview opening new record in preview
  5. Fixed Account showing wrong colour for Add Relation button
  6. Fixed Search staying after changing views in Decisions & Plans
  7. Fixed Relations showing correctly after adding in standard Objects
  8. Fixed error message happening for Responsible, Consulted and Informed when clicking relations
  9. Fixed image upload transparent background to White instead of Black
  10. Fixed image upload UI on Mozilla Firefox
  11. Fixed issues with selecting People in New Decision/Plan popups
  12. Fixed Admin user not seeing the decision header if he is not part of the decision
  13. Fixed clicking on back button not updating Unread flag on Decision & Plan cards
  14. Fixed Consulted and Informed users being able to Open and Edit tasks
  15. Fixed count not showing for Notes tab in Preview and Mobile


  1. Fixed error message when using dictation in Share a Post with iPhone
  2. Fixed Decision Quality Analysis spelling mistakes
  3. Fixed error message happening after pressing Propose and Decide in the popup
  4. Removed option None from classifications
  5. Reordered the picklists in classifications
  6. Fixed cancelling Decoration image upload
  7. Fixed Progress Indicator Picklist closing logic
  8. Fixed Decision Due Date showing in execution and evaluation phase
  9. Fixed labels when pressing show all in Decision Kanban
  10. Reversed Quality Slider colours in Risk Assessment section
  11. Fixed creating objectives sometimes giving error message
  12. Fixed Consulted and Informed users adding topics throwing error message
  13. Fixed sending a Chatter notification from Quality tab throwing an error on Firefox
  14. Fixed Incubation time calculation logic


  1. Reworked Plan items UI
  2. Disabled sorting in Plan Items as it was ruining the ordering
  3. Improved Taxonomy hierarchy and Aggregation
  4. Sorted the object list Alphabetically in Add relation and Add item popups
  5. Fixed add section and add column popup icons
  6. Fixed Plan Item Description error message
  7. Fixed error message with inline editing new column items
  8. Fixed Error message when deleting items as Responsible and Accountable
  9. Fixed Drag & Drop error message in Plan items
  10. Fixed Sections showing object Icon and Trend
  11. Fixed Section titles showing wrong color
  12. Fixed issue with Add Column popup opening randomly


  1. Restricted Taxonomy control in records to Accountable and Responsible
  2. Fixed Error happening when deleting Taxonomies in Taxonomy tab
  3. Fixed Spelling mistakes in Taxonomy
  4. Fixed showing Accountability correctly in the Taxonomy tab
  5. Fixed resizing footer in Taxonomy
  6. Fixed Scroll bar in Accountability view in Taxonomy
  7. Fixed Search in Accountability
  8. Fixed errors when adding circles to Taxonomies
  9. Fixed text getting stuck to the Search Bar in Taxonomy
  10. Fixed hierarchy tooltip message spelling mistakes
  11. Fixed people not being suggested properly after adding Taxonomy
  12. Fixed Condition Column UI
  13. Fixed Taxonomy classes using capital letters in record header


  1. iPad: Fixed Question popup UI
  2. iPad: Fixed Progress indicator Alignment
  3. iPad: Fixed titles missing for tabs in Plans
  4. iPad: Fixed New process UI popup
  5. iPad: Fixed Task tab UI
  6. iPad: Fixed Action menu getting cut for last items in Plan items list
  7. iPhone: Fixed edit indicator popup UI
  8. iPhone: Fixed picklist UI in edit Plan Lifecycle popup
  9. iPhone: Fixed Plan phase color in the Lifecycle
  10. iPhone: Fixed Plan items UI
  11. iPhone: Fixed UI for plan phase
  12. iPhone: Fixed Object selection issues in Add Item and Add Relation
  13. Fixed Help Text UI on select Record Type popup
  14. Fixed UI with lifecycle having only one phase in Plans

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