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Release Overview Fingertip 4.7 (Spring'18)

Last Updated: Aug 01, 2018 01:27PM EEST


  1. Implemented Kanban view for Plans
  2. Added follow and Mass unfollow button to Decisions and plans
  3. Added created date with label in header in Decisions
  4. Added trend to Decision card
  5. Implemented search filter for decisions & plans in mobile
  6. Added year view to Gantt for tasks
  7. Show dynamic time when the decision is due in the header
  8. Added objectives to mobile
  9. Added New task button to tasks tab
  10. Added Search filter for the tasks tab
  11. Added decision due date to the search filter
  12. Added hover text to the stance (hammer & stamp) icon
  13. Added stance timing to People Profile when stance has been given
  14. Add help texts to unfollow popup
  15. Implemented resizing for plan item columns
  16. Implemented Files tab (replaces the notes tab!)
  17. Added related record field to tasks popup and card
  18. Added missing fields from classic to Tasks (Duration etc)
  19. Implemented refresh highlights if changes have been made in the Decision/Plan
  20. Added Schedule and Kanban for tasks
  21. Show task hierarchy in Plan Items
  22. Inline edit in the task list view in decisions and plans
  23. Added action menu for indicators (open,description,delete)
  24. Added a backup role for Plans 
  25. Added new plan button to the plan action menu
  26. Implement drag and drop for Tasks Schedule view
  27. Added Approval tab to Plans (Stage Gate Approvals)
  28. Added a checkbox to Search filter to remember the settings
  29. Added options for copying decisions and plans
  30. Added ability to use custom URL's as relations (from outside salesforce).
  31. Added Contribution sliders to people profile
  32. Added last login to Manage Users tab



  • Adapt fingertip to Spring'18 changes
  • Certain fields are not updating the modified date in plans and decisions
  • Show custom column fields properly (Date, checkbox etc)
  • Cleaned decision and plan fields, remove/rename the ones that are not being used and duplicates
  • Fixed the UI default component calling read method too many times making many soql queries
  • When adding more people after due date (decide, execute, evaluate) ask for stance
  • Created LDS header for objective record page
  • Improved performance of mood, relevance (use data services?)
  • Copy objectives when copying Decisions & Plans
  • Fix the Soql issues exist with force refresh in decision and plan header and fast click

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