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Release Overview Fingertip 6.4 (Summer'19)

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2019 04:11PM EEST
Release Overview

Fingertip 6.0 release focuses on improving the user experience in our most popular use
cases such as Meeting Management, Project Management and Objectives and Key Results. The list for changes and bug fixes is extensive. With the release we are also officially publishing our Gamification and Taxonomy features.
We have introduced an overhaul to Objectives making them updateable with a single click. Plan has received quality of life improvements and an agenda timing tool. The home page has been updated with a Work Queue component which shows the items that most require your attention.
General Improvements
New Component: Work Queue.  Find the most relevant information easily with the new Work Queue feature. It can be found on the right side of the default Fingertip home page. The component displays Decisions, Plans and Tasks that need your attention. Never miss those decisions that require your stance or tasks that are falling due.
User Interface enhancements. Kanban has been set as the default view and the order of views and tabs has been rearranged. Decision and Plan title is now bolded and can be inline edited by clicking the pencil icon next to it. Refresh buttons have been added on top of all views to help you get the most recent updates. Taxonomy suggestion component UI has been remade.

Export Decisions and Plans to PDF. Generating PDF files has been reworked to include our new features on the Lightning platform. You can select which features you want to show in the PDF before generating it. The generated PDF document is then shown in a closable popup instead of taking the whole window.

File Approval for Decisions. You can now add files in the Propose popup, either upload a new file or add an existing one from the Decision’s file tab. The file will then be displayed on your decision proposal message and will be shown to all the people when giving a stance. Click on the file to see details such as preview or version history.
Decision Status and Closed Status. Create better reports and dashboards with more specific fields. Decision Status displays if the decision is undecided, approved or rejected. Closed status shows the status of closed decisions.

Automatically updating agenda schedule for meetings. Fingertip 6.0 has added a new Time column in Plan items, it can be found by default in the Meeting list view. When updating an items duration, the time field automatically calculates the next items timing. The tool allows you to create dynamic schedules for your events or meetings.

Copy people from Plan when creating new records. You can now copy the people and their roles from the current Plan when creating a new Decision or Plan. This helps to ensure that all the users from the plan can access the new record also.
Description column in Plans has been renamed to comments. This was done to avoid confusion with Decision and Plan description fields that can be seen in the details tab. The functionality has remained the same.
Related to field can now be used to filter in Activities tab. Show tasks based on their parent record, without having to navigate away from the Activities tab. Related To has also been added to the list view in the Activities tab as a column.
Assigned resources for tasks in Gantt. The assigned resource (user) is now visible as a column in Fingertip’s Gantt charts. Updating task status is now reflected in the Gantt chart, when task is completed the progress is updated to hundred percent and due date is automatically filled as end date.

Improved editing of Objectives in Decision and Plans. Updating an objective in the Objectives tab is now a lot easier, just edit the Today field to give a new value. This will automatically enter the value for today for your user.
Objectives view in Plan items. A new view has been added to Plan items which follows the progress of Objectives. The view contains a visual progress bar chart and the details from objectives. Also, the objectives can now be updated straight from the action menu in plan items.
Total Progress, Comment column and sorting. Total progress (average) of all objectives has been added on top of objectives tab in Decisions and Plans. Objectives now have an inline editable comment column, and sorting has been enabled for all columns.


- Added File Approval to Decisions
- Adjusted the design of Pulse in decisions (summary panel on the right side of a decision page)
- Added new fields for reporting: Decision Status and Closed Status
- Description column in Plans has been renamed as Comments.
- Added “Copy from Plan” button to New Decision popup’s people section
- Progress column will now be displayed as a progress bar in plan items
- Added agenda time calculation to Duration column in plan items
- All column sizes are now saved in Plan items
- Plan phase changes are now shown in the History tab
- Prioritize items in Plans
- Log a call directly from Plan items
- Added Related to field to the Search filter of Task tab
- Related to column is now visible in Task list view
- Added option to search for people in task tab’s search bar
- GANTT now includes a column for Resources and displays the assigned to user
- Added Copy button to Edit Task popup
- Updated Kanban user interface
- Objectives are now inline editable in decision and plan record pages
- Objectives can now be updated from the action menu in Plan items
- Added a Comment column for objective
- Added a summary on top of objectives tab
- Sorting added to columns in Objectives tab
- Kanban is now promoted as the default view and the order of views has been updated
- Updated tab order in Decisions and Plans
- Decision and Plan title can now be inline edited
- Added a Description field to the People tab in Decisions and Plans
- Refresh buttons have been added to the top of list views
- Generate PDF function for Decision has been updated for Decision and Plan
- Plan performance improvement (moving, deleting, updating items)
- Updated the look of the Taxonomy suggestion component in people tab
- Added files and relations tabs to Entry user level
- Added stance comment to people profile after stance has been given in decision
- Added a new component Work Queue
- Lists now show an item count and sort option on top

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